Join forces with Baranun and brew success together!

Baranun is a brewing company that offers various partnership opportunities for individuals and businesses looking to collaborate with a successful and growing brand. Below are some details about the different partnership programs available:


Baranun is open to partnering with investors who share its vision and values. By investing in Baranun, individuals or firms can become part of the brand and help drive its growth while also enjoying potential financial returns. Investors will have access to financial reports, marketing strategies, and other important information about the company.


Bars can partner with Baranun to offer its craft beer to their customers. By partnering with Baranun, bars can offer their customers high-quality, locally made beer that is both unique and delicious. This partnership can help bars attract new customers and create a loyal following.


The affiliate program offered by Baranun allows individuals to earn a commission by promoting the brand's products to their network. With a commission rate of 50%, the program is an excellent opportunity for influencers and affiliates to generate income while also promoting a quality product.

Influencers & Creators

Baranun is open to working with influencers and creators who align with the brand's values and vision. Through this partnership, influencers and creators can help Baranun reach a broader audience and build brand awareness. In return, influencers and creators can receive free Baranun merchandise, exclusive access to events, and other perks.


Baranun is also interested in collaborating with experienced brewmasters who share the brand's passion for brewing high-quality beer. By partnering with Baranun, brewmasters can help create new and unique flavors while also having access to the brand's distribution channels.

Baranun Brewers.

Become an associate of one of the most flexible and fraternal beer brewers collective brand. 
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  • Craftbeer Networking.
  • 50% in commissions.
  • Online Services and Orders.
  • Verified Brewer.
  • Baranun Certified Professional.